Chronica Mobilis has a gameplay dynamic. The goal is to solve a puzzle to retrieve the identity of a person, visiting sites and collecting memories of their past in specific phases of their life. The game allows two levels of participation: playing online or playing in the streets. Must be played by three teams of 3-6 players. Each team selects two players who will play in the city and the remaining stays playing from the exhibition space.

The game begins with a prologue in the exhibition space, called base. This introduction brings information about the history, the character and the game. After this initial stage, those that will not participate in the game are invited to stay in their seats. They may accompany the screen from which all history is about to reveal. Those that are going to act as players are invited to take action and go for find the memories in the city.

A story is thus assigned to each of the three groups. Each group is looking for memories at different times in the character’s life.

Online players will see a map on the screen. The map is more abstract than Cartesian, it has traces of some streets but not containing their names. In this map are the points where assigned players in the street have to go. There is a riddle for each point on the map. It contains tracks that will help players discover where and what is this place. In this map, online players can also see the geographical location of their peers who are in the streets. They have to choose a strategic point and start to guide the players in the city to this point. For that, they send text messages with instructions on how they could find these places.

Street Players receive these text messages and try to find the places. They can not answer text messages they receive, but they can transmit audio and video at all the time as a way to self-report. So they show their mates in the base what is happening to them in the street. Still, they also have a GPS tracker that constantly sends their location to players in the base.

When street players visit one of the points, it means that they have completed a mission and they will receive a reward. The reward is the memories of what happened in this site, which reveal important events in the life of the character.

Accomplished a mission, that is, visited a point, online players have to choose another point and start over again the whole dynamic of leading their peers in the street to this place. So, until they find the site, visit it, and the reward is displayed on the base. Each place visited means a part of the history of the character that is revealed.