Narrative and Gameplay


Context, and metaphor related topic:

The narrative and the actual mechanics of the game makes us think how we perceive and live spaces and the city at different times of our lives.

The perfomance participants assume the role of archaeologists in the distant future trying to figure out what life was like on earth today. For this, they analyze the memories of Valentin, a former resident of a neighborhood that is undergoing drastic changes.

By the very mechanics of the game the story of this character is not told linearly, but the great moments of the narrative are revealed only at the end. Each passage is told when the archaeologists arrive to an important place. The venue itself adds a new layer of interpretation and contextualization of the plot.



How can you participate / attend:
  • The objective of the game is to solve a puzzle to retrieve the identity of our character, visiting and collecting memories from his past in specific phases of his life.
  • You can play in two roles, as Field Team, which goes to the streets looking for places, or as Operator Console, that coordinate the Field Teams from within the “Base” (the display space).
  • To follow the game, you can watch the presentation in person at the presentation space, watch online and even on the street and track online (with a smartphone).