Perfomance Chronica Mobilis starts in:

Saturday, 25th October at 5pm

Hangar (Emilia Coranty, 16)

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Chronica Mobilis is an innovative interactive performance that is going to be presented for the first time in Barcelona, on Saturday, 25th October, at 5pm in Ricson room, Hangar.

It’s a performance that mix audiovisual narratives, with game dynamic, mobile technology ant the urban space. Audience can just watch the presentation, but if they want to interact they can also be a player. 

The story subject is gentrification in the contemporary cities. The game metaphor is a remote future in 6014 in which all the data have been deleted and archaeologists have to search for memories through out the city.

The gig last approximately 1h30min. Part of the performance happens inside the Ricson room and part in the city streets, more precisely in Poblenou neighborhood. 

Entrance is free with a limit of 50 people.

The ones who wants to book sit o who wants to be a player in the performance, can do it filling up this FORM. If you have any doubt you can also contact us through the email:

If you want to subscribe to be a player, it’s important to do it before the day of the performance. We are going to brief people about the game mechanics and the system.

If you can come or if you are not in Barcelona, you can follow the performance online. We will stream it in this web page.