Open Call

We call on artists and researchers from Brazil and Spain interested in collaborating with the project Chronica Mobilis to contact by email until 15th June.

We are looking for people with specific skills to help in developing the project. In principle it will be a volunteer work because we don’t have the resources to compensate the functions. The dedication will be according to the availability and interest of each person, considering the time and the project schedule.

Much of the work will be done remotely with regular meetings that can be online or in person, depending on the location of each person. There will also be a six week residence in the artistic production center, Hangar, in Barcelona, from October 6 to November 11, 2014.

The performance will be presented for the first time in Barcelona (11/2014) and subsequently in Salvador and São Paulo (2015).


Below we present the skills and corresponding functions:





Game designer

Write a georeferenced interactive narrative with game dynamics.



Develop a software system for mobile and desktop devices, able to track the geographical location of users and send and receive data (video and text) in real time.

Interface Designer

Create the softwares interface.

Web Designer

Web Programmer

Develop and maintain the project’s website, which has a live session to watch the performance.



Produce and edit audiovisual content.


Produce and orchestrate a performance that takes place simultaneously within an exhibition space and on city streets.


Document the development of the project and update the site with information.

Set Designer

Create and design the scenic environment where the performance happens